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Online Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gem Masterclass

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This is a BEGINNER friendly course, with our Professional Masterclass you'll be starting your Tooth Gem Career as a 2x Certified Tooth Gem & Teeth Whitening Technician.

This is a self study course, work at your own pace on your own time with 40 lessons & 2 Kits.

Tooth Gem & Teeth Whitening Course Kit:

-Butterfly Swarovski Gem Set (3 Sets)

-Heart Swarovski Gem (6 pcs)

-22k Gold Gems (12 pcs)

-OG Clear Gem (50 pcs)

-Dental Etch

-Dental Sealant

-Light Cure Dental Adhesive

-Cure Light

- Lip and Cheek Retractors

-Protective Glasses

-Cotton Rolls


-Micro Brushes

-Practice / Display Mouth

-Non Peroxide Whitening Gel

-Gingival Protector

-Vitamin E Swabs


-Nitrile Gloves

-Shade Guide

-Whitening Cool Blue Light

 -Comprehensive Manuals

How this works:

You'll have access to 40 Lessons comprised of modules, in depth video tutorials and practical assignments.

Assignments will be submitted to your instructor for evaluation.

After successful completion of the course, you have the option of a FREE 1 on 1 video class with CEO Kimberly Ramos.

2x Certification is awarded upon completion of course content and practical assignments.

You'll Be Learning:

-Overview of client consent

-Sanitation & disinfection


-Prophy Preparation

-Tooth Gem Application Process

-Working on different Teeth

-Tooth Gem Styles

-Tooth Gem Tools

-Mechanical Locks

-Secrets to Long Lasting Tooth Gems 1 year+


-Teeth Numbering Systems

-Enamel & Stains

-& much more!

Exclusive Course BONUSES:

-24/7 LIFETIME access, including updates so you stay on top of new trends

-LIFETIME discount on supplies & courses so you maximize your profits by saving on supplies + continuing education.

NOTE: The Information and lessons contained within this Teeth Whitening & Tooth Gem Course are the sole intellectual property of House of Cash. This property may not be used in any way other than the education of the individual who purchased it. It may not be used for personal profit and or gain, including any future trainings conducted by the buyer.

Return & Refund Policy There are no RETURNS, REFUNDS or EXCHANGES for Training courses or Training course deposits. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

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Customer Reviews

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